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Learning French

Not sure if I should post this, so I apologise if I offend anyone. If you are easily offended, please leave this page.

This morning, just like every morning, I picked up the free paper on the bus on the way to work. Its in french, and I don't speak much and the bus ride is quite short. So to help me learn french, I normally choose one article and try to understand it by the time I get to work...

Today on the front page, there was a picture of a lady in underwear, so I thought that might be an interesting read, and less difficult to read than the political article about the french riots.

To my horror, the first words I understood were female, laser and genitals.

Although horrified, curiosity got to me, and thanks to altavista/babel fish I now know that Lausanne is unique in Switzerland for being able to offer plastic surgery to those wanting a bit of rework, after say birth, menopause, or apparently divorce...

I'm taking a book to work from tomorrow onwards.


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