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Right... The contract at my current client is finally coming to an end after a few years and now I'm having to look for something else - I'm looking local, as I want to hang around. Hence, I've created this blog, and posted all my previous postings from a company internal blog, or at least the more interesting ones...

Job wise, I'm currently unsigned, and without transfer fee! So if you're managing a team and need a striker, I'm your man... Be quick though, because I have a few options on the cards. Alternatively, it will all go wrong, which means it will actually go right, because I will be able to collect on my unemployment insurance and get 80% salary! And the beach down by the lake is so lovely this time of year...

PS - now my blog is public, people who I don't know might start asking who I am and what I do, and what maxant is all about... Well, if you really really want to know, mail me on ant_at_maxant_dot_co_dot_uk!


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