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Non-technical Techies

On a conf call to Germany today, we were discussing an interface whereby we receive data from an SAP system and write it to an XML file which a custom factory floor system can pick up and process. We asked the guys in charge of the factory floor system if they could give us a DTD descriptor for the XML that they are expecting so that we could use our tools to generate the code for JAXB binding.

"Vat is zis DTD you speak of?"

"Erm, OK, its like an XSD document? The metadata to describe the document structure?", we replied...

"Hmmm... Can you please send us ze example, Ja?"

Sorry, but if you own a system that takes XML input, call yourself a techy, but don't know what XSD or DTD is, you should not be allowed near the computer. And to think, these guys work for a world class, Fortune 100 company! I can see how it got to be the market leader...

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