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Summing up a project with a simple diagram

In a meeting today about the cost estimates I have completed for the project with 7 Sheets of Requirements, we got on to discussing the problems of the project with the business manager. Basically, we told him he has two problems. First he doesn't really have a stake holder, meaning his project is likely to fail. Secondly we told him that it is pointless sticking to his original plan of starting to write specs for the next three months and following immediately with implementation, because he hasn't spent enough time on the analysis, and does not know the impact of this project on the scope of other projects. "Allow me to draw it on the board like this", said our account manager:

"If that is a chart showing how the analysis moves into design, you have spent a lot of time doing this analysis" he continued:

 "You are planning on heading into the design like this" he showed us:

"Whereas, you should really spend more time in the analysis phase making it wider like this":

"Just to re-iterate, concentrate on these bits":

At this stage, I am sure I was the only one in the room thinking "Well done mate, you've just drawn a massive cock on the white board". To contain my laughter, I concentrated really hard on something completely different (an algorithmic issue I have had with manager). After a bit of discussion about which I was not paying attention, the account manager turns to me and asks my opinion of what he had said. "Well Jason, I see it just like you have drawn it on the board", I answered.

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