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Open Plan Noise

I moved into a new open plan office this week, and its still being refurbished. At each entrance, there is a dispenser like this one:

I assumed it was there because of the building work noise, but today I saw people wandering around with ear plugs in, even though no workmen were present. It became clear that these are not available due to the refurbishment work, rather due to the fact its an open plan office!


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Re: Open Plan Noise

I got to this webpage because I'm a computer programmer (ie I need to concentrate) trying to work in an open plan office which also contains customer service staff (clucking hens) on the telephone, people holding conversations across the floorspace etc etc etc. I really do not want to wear earplugs all day. I would try to demonstrate to my boss that it results in a loss of productivity, but it seems everyone else thrives on the noise, AND he is one of the loudest !

Re: Open Plan Noise

I find it easier to concentrate with earphones and music in open plan office, I think you could get pretty agitated and bothersome by the many conversations, the worst offenders are the one's who continue to talk around you knowing that you can't concentrate hence the earphones, but do these people care I don't think they do its all part and parcel of the open plan office, more distractions, more interactions but at a price.

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