Ant Kutschera


Ant is a freelance Java architect and developer. He has been writing a blog and white papers since 2004 and writes about anything he finds interesting, related to Java or software. Most recently he has been working on enterprise systems involving Eclipse RCP, Google GWT, Hibernate, Spring and J2ME. He believes very strongly in being involved in all parts of the software lifecycle.

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Global Data Consistency, Transactions, Microservices and Spring Boot / Tomcat / Jetty
We often build applications which need to do several of the following things together: call backend (micro-) services, write to a database, send a JMS message, etc. But what happens if there is an error during a call to one of these remote resources, ...
Oct 5, 2015
Rules Engine 2.2.0, now with JavaScript (Nashorn) Support
A new version of the Simple Rule Engine is available, so that you can now use JavaScript (Nashorn) for writing your rules (MVEL is still supported because it is so fast!). New Features: JavaScript based Rule Engine - Use the JavascriptEngine ...
Aug 22, 2015
Several Patterns for Binding Non-transactional Resources into JTA Transactions
I recently published an article about how to bind non-transactional resources like web services / microservices into global distributed transactions so that recovery is handled automatically. Over the years I have often had to integrate ...
Aug 11, 2015
Mysql versions prior to 5.7 do not fully support two phase commit
While doing some tests for the recently released generic JCA adapter which is capable of binding remote calls to microservices (as well as other things) into JTA transactions, I discovered a bug in Mysql 5.6 which has been around for nearly ten years. ...
Aug 10, 2015
Global Data Consistency in Distributed (Microservice) Architectures
UPDATE: Now supports Spring and Spring Boot outside of a full Java EE sever. See new article for more details! I've published a generic JCA resource adapter on Github available from Maven (ch.maxant:genericco...
Aug 4, 2015