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Re: Eclipse Help / Infocenter - External Web Application Mode

This article was very helpful in getting my Infocenter web archive up and running. But, I had fits getting the customization to work. I already had set up a standard Infocenter with customizations (overrides for home_page.html, banner.jpg, etc.) and all customization worked as expected. I successfully created a web archive folder and deployed it the Tomcat 5.5.25. The archive contained my product plugin, with the appropriate customization files. The URL http://localhost:8080/warfileName/index.jsp revealed the infocenter UI as expected — but with no customization. I tried every permutation I could think of for the eclipse.product= value in the config.ini file. Heh. It turns out that the config.ini file in your web archive (e.g. warFilename\WEB-INF\configuration\config.ini) is, apparently, completely ignored. The config.ini file you want to work with (in Tomcat, anyway) is: installDIR\work\Catalina\localhost\warFileName\eclipse\configuration\config.ini After I finally figured out which config.ini file to use, I set eclipse.product=pluginName.helpProduct. Everything fell into place then. I was finally tipped off by examining the .log file in installDIR\\work\Catalina\localhost\warFileName\eclipse\workspace\.metadata\.log It was reporting “Product org.eclipse.productname could not be found.”, indicating that the default value in some other config.ini file was being used. This second location is referred to in the note at the end of the Eclipse Help instructions, but if you don’t read carefully (like me) you’ll end up editing the wrong file.

Re: Eclipse Help / Infocenter - External Web Application Mode

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