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Re: How Brontosaurs kill Raptors

very apt in many circumstances but as you recognise, the larger the organisation the more EA is needed to minimise the technology variants and standards in use (which all incur support costs and frequently outlive their initial lifespan expectations by a factor of 3) and once the EA is established to a maturity of the 3rd iteration of the ADM (Togaf term) it should be repeatable and reusable minimising the need for genius developers to re-invent the wheel which should then lead to productisation of services and hence reduce the company's reliance on said genuises... unfortunately this then often leads the buzbods to outsource certain key components like infrastructure and support which rarely works resulting back in 'do it per project is quicker, simpler and cheaper than using the overpriced, long-lead time corporate facilities'. But have you ever led a bid where you were able to evaluate any external supplier of the same productised service that the company provided and get away with it... I haven't but I am trying to in order to highlight the plight of the IT/Project team.

Re: How Brontosaurs kill Raptors

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