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Re: Tomcat, WebSockets, HTML5, jWebSockets, JSR-340, JSON and more

Hi Rolando, First of all, jWebSocket does not implement a standard. So anything I create there my become out of date when JSR-340 is released. Second of all, the configuration of jWebSocket does not run the code which handles web socket requests in a container, meaning that I as a programmer become responsible for things like resources, transactions, security, concurrency, etc. As an example, in an EJB container, I can get my EJB to have access to a secured, transaction safe resource like a database connection, by just adding an annotation to the field which I want the container to inject. And if I move my code to a different server, because say, I want to sell it as a component, then it is really easy for other people to deploy my code, because it uses standards. It is just a deployment problem and no one has to re-write or modify the code.

Re: Tomcat, WebSockets, HTML5, jWebSockets, JSR-340, JSON and more

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