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Parkinsons Law applied to Software Projects
While recently listening to a BBC podcastI learned about Parkinson's lawand realised how it simply explains why traditional software project which work to deadlines, fail so often. Simply put, the law states"work expands so as to fill the time ...
Sep 19, 2021
9:25:00 PM
Creativity - Yet another driver towards agile processes
Software developers are often creative people, having entered into software development precisely because of its need for creativity during implementation. While solving a logical problem might sound unrelated to creativity, the ability to solve that ...
Sep 28, 2009
9:51:00 PM
NEWS FLASH: Agile does not mean there is no plan
Why aren't all projects run using agile methods? Working in an enterprise where we have maybe 50 applications which all go live at the same time twice a year (as well as another 450 which are also in some stage of the software lifecycle), I was told that ...
Sep 20, 2009
9:53:00 PM
White Papers
I have just uploaded two papers: Agile Software Development of Service Oriented Architectures, Business Process Models and Enterprise Service Buses Service Oriented Architecture Strategies They can be downloaded from: ...
Nov 22, 2008
10:18:00 PM