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Hacking Maven
We don't use M2Eclipse to integrate Maven and Eclipse, partly because we had some bad experiences a couple of years ago when we were still using Eclipse 3.4 and partly because some of our developers use IBMs RAD to develop, and it doesn't (or at least ...
May 10, 2012
10:07:00 PM
Eclipse Help / Infocenter - External Web Application Mode
Previously in this blog, the Eclipse Help / Infocenter was discussed and details on how to set up the help for an RCP application were given. But often you want to have your help for an application online as well as part of the product, for example if ...
Jun 9, 2008
10:25:00 PM
Eclipse Help / Infocenter - Workbench Mode
Eclipse offers plugin authors the ability to add Eclipse Help to their plugins. Opening that help will give a nice window with searchable help, something like this (click on the image to see it in full size): The following blog entry shows how to ...
Jun 8, 2008
11:13:00 AM