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Is Asynchronous EJB Just a Gimmick?
In previous articles (here and here) I showed that creating non-blocking asynchronous applications could increase performance when the server is under a heavy load. EJB 3.1 introduced the @Asynchronous annotation for specifying that a method will return ...
Jul 25, 2015
1:10:00 PM
Taking Advantage of Parallelism
A while ago some colleagues attended a lecture where the presenter introduced the idea that applications may not take full advantage of the multi-core servers which are available today. The idea was that if you have two cores but a process which is ...
May 16, 2010
3:50:00 PM
EJB Frustrations
This is by far not the first time I had worked on a project with EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans, see http://java.sun.com/...
Jun 1, 2007
10:23:00 PM
EJB Restrictions
I found this useful article on what restrictions EJBs should uphold. http://www.javaworld...
Mar 10, 2007
9:30:00 PM