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Auto-update of Midlets
Any professional application should be capable of updating itself over the internet. Even Midlets! The idea is fairly easy in that the Midlet needs to make a call to the server to check what version the latest software has, and compare that to the ...
Mar 18, 2010
8:11:00 PM
Choosing a Model/Event Pattern
The following diagrams show different implementation patterns of models and corresponding events, as typically used in the UI. Depending upon your needs, you can use the following tables to decide which pattern to implement. The patterns are split into ...
Mar 17, 2010
11:00:00 PM
GUI Performance Enhancement Strategies
Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) tend to be event driven. A user performs an action and the GUI sends that event to any interested components through a Model-View-Controlle...
Apr 20, 2008
11:22:00 AM
Object Orientation (OO) in GUIs
I was taught (hopefully rightly) that a class contains data relevant to it and methods which act on that data. For example, a class representing a Monkey might have attributes like date of birth, male/female, number of children, and a reference to the zoo ...
Jan 8, 2008
10:44:00 PM
SAP, SOA and a GUI
When I first learned about SAP, I was led to believe it was insular. Sharing its data or uploading data to it was possible, but expensive and discouraged. If you have SAP, stick with it. Then came XI, the SAP eXchange Infrastructure which is the SAP ...
Oct 17, 2006
12:00:00 PM