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Javascript everywhere
I can think of at least two scenarios when you might need to run the same algorithms in both a Javascript and a Java environment. A Javascript client is running in offline mode and needs to run some business logic or complex validation which the ...
Jul 17, 2015
10:50:59 PM
Non-blocking (NIO) Server Push and Servlet 3
In my previous blog posting, I wrote about what I would expect node.js to do in order to become mature. I introduced the idea of having a framework which lets you define a protocol and some handlers in order to let the developer concentrate on writing ...
Jun 5, 2011
8:40:00 PM
Node JS and Server side Java Script
Let's start right at the beginning. Bear with me, it might get long... The following snippet of Java code could be used to create a server which receives TCP/IP requests: class Server implements Runnable { public void run() { try { ...
Mar 5, 2011
10:36:00 PM
Dynamic Mock Testing
Have you ever had to create a mock object in which most methods do nothing and are not called, but in others something useful needs to be done? EasyMock has some newish functionality to let you stub individual methods. But before I had heard about that, ...
Nov 3, 2010
8:45:00 PM
Taking Advantage of Parallelism
A while ago some colleagues attended a lecture where the presenter introduced the idea that applications may not take full advantage of the multi-core servers which are available today. The idea was that if you have two cores but a process which is ...
May 16, 2010
3:50:00 PM
GlassFish v3, JSF and Virtual Servers
Anyone wanting to run a JSFapp on GlassFish may run into problems when migrating to production, if they are hosting multiple domains on their servers by using virtual hosts! The default deployment, deploys your app to all virtual servers (except ...
May 15, 2010
4:26:00 PM
A J2ME Library and a simple HTTP Service Framework
J2ME's support for calling a server is rather simple and low level. Not only do you have to deal with the HTTP Connection at a low level, there is no high level support for cookies, authentication or remote procedure calling. So if you want to pass an ...
Feb 21, 2010
11:29:00 PM