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Auto-update of Midlets
Any professional application should be capable of updating itself over the internet. Even Midlets! The idea is fairly easy in that the Midlet needs to make a call to the server to check what version the latest software has, and compare that to the ...
Mar 18, 2010
8:11:00 PM
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The J2ME HTTPConnection which comes with MIDP lets you make HTTP requests to your server. It doesn't do much at a high level, for example the API doesn't have methods like addCookie() - you need to manually add them with a request header. But the ...
Feb 24, 2010
7:27:00 AM
A J2ME Library and a simple HTTP Service Framework
J2ME's support for calling a server is rather simple and low level. Not only do you have to deal with the HTTP Connection at a low level, there is no high level support for cookies, authentication or remote procedure calling. So if you want to pass an ...
Feb 21, 2010
11:29:00 PM