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Javascript everywhere
I can think of at least two scenarios when you might need to run the same algorithms in both a Javascript and a Java environment. A Javascript client is running in offline mode and needs to run some business logic or complex validation which the ...
Jul 17, 2015
10:50:59 PM
Sharing, using Social Media Links
Below is some Javascript which lets users share the current page on several social media sites. It relies on simple anchor tags wrapping images, like those on the top right of this blog. You could equally use serverside code to fill the link, just my Blog ...
Mar 12, 2011
7:30:00 PM
Node JS and Server side Java Script
Let's start right at the beginning. Bear with me, it might get long... The following snippet of Java code could be used to create a server which receives TCP/IP requests: class Server implements Runnable { public void run() { try { ...
Mar 5, 2011
10:36:00 PM