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Building a Webmail Solution on top of Apache James Mail Server
Part of maxant's offering to small businesses is email hosting. As well as standard POP3/SMTP access, maxant offers webmail access. A quick search on the web shows that there are several open source webmail solutions available. The problem with all of ...
Sep 29, 2009
3:49:21 PM
Blog Piracy...
The internet never ceases to amaze me... For it appears someone at ease with a cyrillic language is copying my blog word for word: http://rational_soft...
Oct 4, 2008
1:45:00 PM
The decline of dinos
No, not a report about the death of dinosaurs many millions of years ago, nor a report about how in fact many dinosaurs didn't die out, but rather evolved into birds... Rather, this blog entry is about dinos which is a Facebook Application written by ...
Jun 12, 2008
10:11:00 PM
Image Encryption II - Steganography
See the old post. Apparently this is called steganography and is a well researched field! That just proves you how hard it is to invent anything new. Anyway, I have optimised the algorithm and build a website dedicated to it: http://stega.maxant....
Jul 19, 2007
10:18:00 PM
Image Encryption
Problem The trouble with encrypting documents is that its quite obvious that they have been encrypted which makes people want to decrypt them. So what about some kind of sexy algorithm that encodes a message within a picture? If the picture only gets ...
Jul 13, 2007
12:01:00 AM
Login doesn't appear to work?
I've come across the following problem in IE7 in several products which I initially commented on at the MVN Forum forum (incidentally MVN Forum is a great open source Java Web Forum). Here is a copy: First, thanks for MVNForum - I've used it before, and ...
May 15, 2007
8:19:00 PM
manager is the name I have given to my new project management tool. Think Gantt chart. Think Microsoft Project. Then think the real world. Team members have different charge profiles - rates can change during projects. Team members can only provide given ...
Nov 9, 2006
12:00:00 AM
Sudoku Challenges
Anyone into Sudoku? Personally, I don't get on well with the normal Sudoku, but at http://sudoku.maxant...
May 9, 2006
10:59:00 PM