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Eleven Patterns, Problems & Solutions related to Microservices and in particular Distributed Architectures
The wish to fulfilcertainsystem quality attributeslead us to choose microservice architectures, which by their very nature are distributed, meaning that calls between the services are effectively calls to remote processes. Even without considering ...
May 24, 2021
7:47:16 PM
Revisiting Global Data Consistency in Distributed (Microservice) Architectures
Back in 2015 I wrote a couple of articles about how you can piggyback a standard Java EE Transaction Manager to get data consistency across distributed services (here is the original article and here is an article about doing it with Spring Boot, ...
Feb 18, 2018
6:18:34 PM
Global Data Consistency, Transactions, Microservices and Spring Boot / Tomcat / Jetty
We often build applications which need to do several of the following things together: call backend (micro-) services, write to a database, send a JMS message, etc. But what happens if there is an error during a call to one of these remote resources, ...
Oct 5, 2015
8:59:00 PM
Several Patterns for Binding Non-transactional Resources into JTA Transactions
I recently published an article about how to bind non-transactional resources like web services / microservices into global distributed transactions so that recovery is handled automatically. Over the years I have often had to integrate ...
Aug 11, 2015
9:48:00 PM