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Choosing the right language to write a simple transformation tool
Recently, a colleague asked for help in writing a little tool to transform a set of XML files into a non-normalised single table, so that their content could be easily analysed and compared, using Excel. The requirements were roughly: Read XML from ...
Nov 6, 2017
6:01:00 PM
A reactive and performant Spray + Akka solution to "Playing with concurrency and performance in Java and Node.js"
In my previous post I examined a fictitious trading engine and compared a Java based blocking solution to a Node.js based non-blocking solution. At the end of the post I wrote that: I suspect that following the recent success of Node.js, more and more ...
Dec 30, 2014
9:17:00 PM
Non-Blocking Asynchronous Java 8 and Scala's Try/Success/Failure
Inspired by a recent newsletter from Heinz Kabutz as well as Scala's Futures which I investigated in my recent book, I set about using Java 8 to write an example of how to submit work to an execution service and respond to its results asynchronously, ...
Oct 13, 2013
10:22:00 PM
Play 2.0 framework and XA transactions
XAtransactions are useful and out of the box, Play 2.0 today does not have support for them. Here Ishow how to add that support: First off, some examples when XA is useful: - JPA uses two physical connections if you use entities from two different ...
Oct 4, 2012
12:16:00 AM
A really simple but powerful rule engine
UPDATE: Version 2.2.0, JavaScript (Nashorn) rules in the JVM - see here. UPDATE: Version 2.1.0, Java 8, Maven, GitHub - see here. UPDATE: Version 2.0 of the library now exists which supports Scala. It is a breaking change in that "Action" ...
Nov 12, 2011
9:26:00 PM