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GlassFish 3 In 30 Minutes
The aim: Set up a simple Java EE 6 project on GlassFish v3 in no time at all. The project must include: email, JMS, JPA, web and EJB (session bean, message driven bean and a timer bean). It must also include security and transactions. Sounds like a lot, ...
May 8, 2010
11:40:00 PM
Enterprise GWT: Combining Google Web Toolkit, Spring and Other Features to Build Enterprise Applications
The following is just the introduction taken from a new white paper available at www.maxant.co.uk/whi...
Jan 25, 2010
8:00:00 PM
Java EE Security and Spring
Spring Security (originally ACEGI) does not seem to work out of the box with Java EE security (see here). I guess the reason is clear, namely that the people from Spring don't want you to be tied into Java EE and that makes sense because Spring something ...
Jun 2, 2009
8:30:00 PM
Spring Services Anywhere
I recently embarked on some Spring "re-training&qu...
Aug 7, 2008
10:51:00 PM
Secure Remoting with Spring and JBoss
If you are faced with having to write a rich client application in a multi-tier Java EE environment, you will typically connect to the application server over RMI. In theory, you are meant to use the servers Application Client Container and deploy your ...
Aug 7, 2008
8:58:00 PM