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Global Data Consistency, Transactions, Microservices and Spring Boot / Tomcat / Jetty
We often build applications which need to do several of the following things together: call backend (micro-) services, write to a database, send a JMS message, etc. But what happens if there is an error during a call to one of these remote resources, ...
Oct 5, 2015
8:59:00 PM
Several Patterns for Binding Non-transactional Resources into JTA Transactions
I recently published an article about how to bind non-transactional resources like web services / microservices into global distributed transactions so that recovery is handled automatically. Over the years I have often had to integrate ...
Aug 11, 2015
9:48:00 PM
Global Data Consistency in Distributed (Microservice) Architectures
UPDATE: Now supports Spring and Spring Boot outside of a full Java EE sever. See new article for more details! I've published a generic JCA resource adapter on Github available from Maven (ch.maxant:genericco...
Aug 4, 2015
9:28:00 PM