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JAX-WS Payload Validation, and Websphere 7 Problems
A WSDL file contains a reference to an XSD document which defines the data structures which can be sent to the service over SOAP. In an XSD, you can define a Type for an element, or things like the elements cardinality, whether its optional or required, ...
Sep 9, 2010
10:54:00 PM
Professional enterprise JAX-WS in no time at all?
My current client is talking about migrating to Java 1.6 and a Java EE 5 app server (we are currently still on 1.5 because our data center only supports an older app server). One reason for doing so is that this stack supports JAX-WS. Not knowing much ...
Dec 22, 2009
10:26:00 PM
Simple Web Services
UPDATED: Something like Hessian - http://hessian.cauch...
Dec 1, 2007
10:02:00 PM